Lars works with leaders and executives in one-on-one and team settings to improve leadership effectiveness and build work cultures where excellence in performance meets personal growth and the development needs of people.

Building bridges between people and business divisions, overcoming cultural barriers, welding places of trust and aligning business goals with personal goals and values, distinguish Lars as a coach.

Lars brings a background of experience and knowledge in business management, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. His last in house position was manager of business development with a listed (NYSE, AEX) telecommunications firm. His responsibilities were business development, international internet-provider growth strategy, and mergers and acquisitions in internet and media. 

A deep seated curiosity after people and a wish to contribute to thriving workspaces where people find meaning and can grow and develop brought Lars to coaching and leadership development. He followed coaching courses and pursued certification with Newfield Network, ICF, CCL and others. Since 2009 he also trains aspiring coaches and managers who want to develop their coaching skills in Europe, Asia, and the US and helps them prepare for their international certification. Lars is mostly hired for senior executive coaching, and the development and implementation of effective leadership development trajectories and interventions

Lars graduated cum laude in Political Science, with a thesis on morality, community and politics at the University of Amsterdam. He followed post-doctoral business courses at IMD in Switzerland and at Ashridge College in the UK. Currently Lars performs academic research on the relationship between leadership and the psychology of motivation at the University of Utrecht. 

Lars lives in Fryslân, in the Netherlands. He likes sailing, gardening, classical guitar, yoga, meditation and cooking. He has two most amazing daughters. 





Executive Coaching

Leadership development

Workshop design and facilitation

Psychology of motivation 



NCOC (Newfield)

Instruments o.a.

Insights Discovery



WPB5 (Workplace Big Five)

CCL 360 Suite

ISI (Influence Style Indicator)